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  • Rubber Chemicals Product Application

    The main products are series of rubber accelerators, rubber antioxidants, vulcanising agents and the high temperature stable insoluble sulfur IS-HS.

  • How to choose the rubber antioxidant - for a few classes of rubber

    Due to the different types of rubber and vulcanization way, you need to choose a different rubberantioxidant, how to choose the rubber antioxidant - for a few classes of rubber below.

  • The common accelerators in producing rubber

    Therefore, we can only according to cooperate with agents in rubber plays the key role of the divided them into sulfurization agent, sulfide accelerator, sulfurization agent, surfactant age-resistant, prevent focal agent, reinforcing the filling agent softening plasticizer, other special chelating agent, etc.

  • A brief introduction of the commonly used antioxidant

    A wide range of rubber antioxidant , function each different. According to its main function can be divided into oxygen resistance aging agent, antiozonant, harmful metal ions inhibitors, resist fatigue agent, uv absorber, resistance to cracking agent. But, since each kind of protection function often is not a certain kind of rubber antioxidant purpose-built, most of several factors can rubber antioxidant aging role, the difference degree only.

  • Five notes of using of rubber antioxidant

    Because the protective effect of each type of rubber antioxidant has its limitations,the aging of rubber products in actual use is affected by many factors, so the choice of rubber antioxidant should note the following points

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