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Synonym: Dithiodimorpholine.
Property: Crystalline substance,soluble in hot ethyl alcohol and benzene.
Appearanec:White or light grayish yellow crystal.
Standard: Q/IMFJ003-1997
Use: Sulfur donor. Adjusts network structure of vulcanized rubber. Heat,fatigue and reduction resistant.No frosting and no burnt rubber. Ideal vulcanizer for heat resistant and dynamic rubber products.
Packaging: 25Kg in paperboard drum lined with PVC film
Storage: Keep in dry and ventilated place; keep away from steam and water pipe; prevent from direct sunshine.
Pipe: prevent from direct sunshine.
Quality guarantee time:Half year.
Technical Specification:
Subject Specification
Oil extension Non Oil extension
Melting Point℃min 120 120
Ash(750℃)%max 7.0-12.0  
Heating Lose%max 0.5 0.5
Sulfur Content% 25-29 25-29
Oil Content% 1-2  
Fineness through%min(250mesh) 99.0  
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