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  • India Rubber Association to carry out project aimed at improving the quality of rubber

    According to Indian media reported on April 12: Indian Rubber Association of the United Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) and all the rubber industry (AIRIA) in India and India rubber dealer Federation (IRDF), carried out in small and medium-sized natural rubber growers related training programs to improve the quality of the rubber sheet.

  • Global demand for rubber is declining

    With Europe's growing economic uncertainty and the slowdown in China's economic growth, global demand for rubber is declining.

  • Four benefits of using rubber accelerator

    In the production process of rubber products, whether it is to increase the service life of rubber products, reduce production costs, or improve the efficiency of the production of rubber products, we should use rubber accelerator.

  • Make the points for attention of rubber products

    Rubber products in the life applied common, like rubber accelerator, rubber antioxidant, antioxidant and so on. Maybe you are not especially will use this kind of product, to friends introduce.

  • The development of the technology of the rubber auxiliaries

    We rubber auxiliaries industry have already had the base of research and development,and in the future,it still needs progress according to studying with the market demand, enterprises, research institutes and colleges collaborative.

  • High rubber prices to continue in 2011 as well

    Domestic as well global rubber prices rallied to fresh historical highs due to heavy rainfall in top natural rubber producing areas of Southeast Asia like Thailand and India which may hit output for current year.

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