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  • The characteristics of the rubber chemicals industry

    China's rubber chemicals industry gradually showed the following characteristics.

  • China's rubber chemicals industry outlook

    China Rubber Industry Association, the "12th Five-Year Development Plan defined the future direction of development of the rubber industry, the scientific development, low-carbon economy, energy conservation center, along with the steady development of China's rubber industry, playing rubber chemicals industry in world-class power.

  • The international standard-setting of rubber accelerator CBS start

    The national standard drafting work of rubber accelerator CBS assumed by Comay Chemical Corporation is about to start, and it is expected to be completed in 2014.

  • Xiangyu 40,000 tons 4020 rubber antioxidant into production

    Shanxi Xiangyu Chemical annual output of 40,000 tons 4020 the rubber antioxidant project recently successfully put into operation, the products have passed the test rate of 100%, the domestic industry with first-class level.

  • 2013 China's demand for natural rubber will fall

    In view of the slowdown in China's auto sales growth next year, China's natural rubber demand and price will decline, the other main reason for the decline in the demand for natural rubber is the use of synthetic rubber.

  • Asian spot rubber prices falls

    Singapore, October 12, the Asian spot rubber prices fell on Friday, trailing TOCOM market trend. The weekend before the trading slowdown, and many trade participants rushed to Kuala Lumpur to attend the Malaysian Rubber Board meeting.

  • Japan's Sumitomo Rubber intended offer 100% non-oil natural resources tires

    According to Japanese media reports, Japan's Sumitomo Rubber Industries "green tire technology seminar held in its Kobe Corporation.

  • Status of rubber chemicals

    China's rubber chemicals originated in 1952, has gone through 60 years of development. Chinese rubber chemicals production and sales ranked first in the world in 2010, has shown a good momentum of development, "World rubber chemicals in China" is a foregone conclusion.

  • China imported 170,000 tons of natural rubber in August

    The data published on September 10 by the General Administration of Customs show China in August imports of natural rubber (latex) to 21 million tons.

  • Market volatility trends die hard and benzene derivatives dominate

    According to the voice of the economy "trading live" reported, according to Zhuo-invasive monitoring of commodities in China this week, the PPI weekly chain fell 0.38%. This week in 12 large plates Zhuo record information monitoring, rising seven sections, the top three were as follows chemical, oil and paper, were up 2.66%, 0.89% and 0.52%, respectively.

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