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  • Rubber Antioxidant Agent 6PPD(4020)

    Rubber Antioxidant Agent 6PPD(4020)

    With good dispensability in sizing material and little effect on vulcanization, It can soften sizing material, so can be used for tires and other kinds of rubber products, also can be used as...

  • Rubber Antioxidant IPPD(4010NA)

    Rubber Antioxidant IPPD(4010NA)

    A high activity antioxidant for matural and synthetic rubber provides powerful antiozonant and antioxidant properties with excellent high temperature.

  • Rubber Antioxidant TMQ(RD)

    Rubber Antioxidant TMQ(RD)

    This product is brown piece of amber, Density:1.05g/ cm3. Soluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide and acetone, but not soluble in water. Fine solution with rubber.

  • Antiscorching Agent PVI(CTP)

    Antiscorching Agent PVI(CTP)

    The product also can improve the storage stabilization of the rubber material, protect natural vulcanization during storage.

  • Vulcanizing Agent DTDM

    Vulcanizing Agent DTDM

    Heat,fatigue and reduction resistant.No frosting and no burnt rubber. Ideal vulcanizer for heat resistant and dynamic rubber products.

  • High Temperature Stable Insoluble Sulfur IS-HS Series

    High Temperature Stable Insoluble Sulfur IS-HS Series

    Sulfur vulcanizer improves high temperature safety in rubber masticating without frosting and burnt rubber and improves binding of rubber-rubber and rubber-steel or chemical fiber without con...

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