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The green tyre will become the goal of the mainland tyre industry

6/4/2013 8:24:24 PM
In recent years,Our country;s export tire is facing the tire label method, the technical barriers and trade friction, etc.Many countries have put forward higher requests to tire performance , more and more countries are or already brewing the implemented tire label regulations.Such as Japan has started to implement voluntary tire tag system since 2010,The United States has through the provisions of the regulations contain tire label as early as six years ago and the European Union, South Korea will start the implementation of the mandatory tire label regulations from 1 November of this year.Then the green tyre global market share will increase by more than 15%.

By contrast,the definition of domestic green tire fuzzy, standard loss and detection means insufficiency has restricted the upgrading and product structure adjustment of the tire industry of our country.
The president of the China Rubber Industry Fan Rende expressed in "2012 China rubber annual meeting" that our country's tire industry has reached a consensus at present in promoting the green tire industrialization development. The association will reference the EU tire label method and the REACH regulation, and in combination with saving energy and reducing consumption request, establish with the situation of China's green tire industrialization and regulations.The industry thinks that this means that our country's industrialization strategy green tire official start, and will pointed out that clear direction tire industry for adjustment, upgrade technology industry.

The green tire industrialization is extremely urgent.

"With similar to tire refrigerator energy efficiency label, through the fuel consumption, a wet road catch force to promote the tyres increased performance index classification, and then realize the energy conservation and environmental protection"said Fan Rende,"Our country has the gap in making a similar standards and specifications of just started such as Europe and Japan ."
He called for referencing the mode of EU enterprise, government and association of trinity and set national standards,Standard enterprise to offer certain subsidies, points to promote green stage tire industrialization and thereby promote tire industry technology upgrades, inhibit investment, promote industrial concentration impulse, and enhance the international competitiveness, improve the product to the international image of Chinese products.

According to the plan,50% of the enterprise can produce green tires in the future and 25% of the enterprise green tyres production can reach the ordinary radial.

Fan said ,at present,more than 40% of the production of the tire is exporting, the European Union is the first big export market in China's automobile tires, although the European Union REACH (chemical registration, evaluation, licensing and limit) and tyre label regulations is typical of non-tariff barriers to trade, but it is also an important opportunity of the transformation and upgrade of our tyre industry, we should adjust to the industrial structure of the tire industry as soon as possible, to carry out low carbon economy strategy, and promote green tire industrialization.

He revealed that the association has organize relevant enterprise to investigate Europe and organized training method of tyres label.The next step association will develop a and the international community, with the situation of China's green tire industrialization and regulations.
According to the rubber association deputy secretary-general, director of the economic commission ZhaoWenquan technology is introduced that the work is already believed green tyre problems concerned with the European Union held a roundtable meeting and principle of green soft subjects agreed to tire project. The rubber association of green tire led products self-discipline standards work has also set out to start. This standard will be main reference the European Union label method, REACH and other international standards and regulations, rolling resistance of tires, wet and noise performance indicators for limited, at the same time, according to the actual situation in China, will be proposed to energy consumption, pollutants, renovation and evaluate index in together. Self-discipline standard after coming on stage, will further application industry standards and national standards.

Many home tires, said the responsible person of the enterprise that although green tires of the industrialization of the difficulty bigger, raw materials and technology in such aspects as the need to innovation, but to realize the tires, improve product upgrades international market share, come on stage green tire standards, perfect the relevant detection means appropriate early should not be late.

Tyre high performance into an inevitable trend.

According to introducing, the overall requirements of green tire includes three aspects: one is the raw material greening, namely avirulent and harmless, accord with the European Union raw materials REACH standard; the second it is the green production, achieve a low energy consumption, low noise, low dust, low smoke production; the third is green products, meet fuel-efficient, safety, high wear-resisting, can be refurbished and requirements.

Among them, the high performance of raw material on green tire is of great significance. Experts think, in many countries and regions implemented tires and the label method energy and emission reduction goals increase, tyre high performance will become an inevitable trend.
Industry insiders point, soluble gather styrenebutadiene rubber (SSBR) can be used as high performance on the tire surface glue, and to enhance the tire performance. But due to the cost and processing technology of consideration, our country enterprise USES mostly a tire price cheap some of the breasts of gather styrenebutadiene rubber, high performance SSBR usage is low. And, domestic SSBR is only the first generation of foreign or second generation product, and foreign now have developed the third generation, the fourth generation of even the fifth generation SSBR. The former in the series of products and quality to tire company requirements also have certain disparity.

"SSBR demand less and domestic tyre processing application condition in the relatively low, high-grade car small proportion to wait to have relations. For this reason, SSBR production enterprises should strengthen technology investment, increasing SSBR product brand, and strive to improve the quality of the product." Industry experts said.

According to information, our country in recent years have has carried out many styrenebutadiene rubber research, development and technology reform, such as dalian university of technology institute of chemical yanshan petrochemical academy is in with butyl lithium for initiator butadiene styrene synthesized-embedded period of copolymer, this copolymer and common solution together than styrenebutadiene rubber, not only has the good physical and mechanical performance, but also has low rolling resistance and high performance slippery.

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